Tripod Turnstile Barrier- Single Post

We import & Supply different types of Tripod turnstile Barriers from China & Europe all over Bangladesh. All products are with a Genuine Guarantee.

Product Specification / Models

1. Power voltage: AC220±10%, 50Hz

2. Drive voltage: DC24V; AC12V+AC18V

3. Pass speed: 30 persons/minutes

4. Open direction: Unidirectional and bidirectional (optional)

5. Input interface: 12v DC level or DC12v pulse>100ms

6. Working Current: > 2000mA

7. Length of the bar: 510mm

8. Width of passage: 550mm

9. Open-angle: 120°

10. Running life: Continuous Opening and Closing operation more than 6 million times 11. Humidity: 95%, None-condensation 12. Protect level: IP44




The tripod turnstile series is made from 304 stainless steel. It is rustproof, durable, and can resist external destruction. Its cuboid framework structure and arm provide civilized and orderly transportation. They also stop illegal entry and exit effectively.

Product Feature:

1. Auto replacement function, reposition after a person passes by.

2. Anti tail function auto-lock once turn 120deg.

3. Insure that your arms auto-decrease when you turn off the power.

4. Remote control via the internet, standard electronic interface. It can also connect to various card readers and receive a relay signal to work.

5. Different control modes are available, customizable due to varying conditions, and convenient for your management.

6. Comfort for the user to use and maintain auto alert error function.

7. Manual button or remote control, Bio-directional passage.

8. Open signal with memory or without set function.

9. Green and red light to indicate pass or stop, leisure for the exit, and entry.

10. Control board with LCD screen.

11. Fingerprint & RFID reader