Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door

Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door:

Model: Prime-155 & 100

The PRIME automatic sliding doors can be used to save space, are elegant and modern. Prime automatic sliding doors can be used for any application you require.

Glass sliding doors can be used to make the most of sunlight and meet optical criteria. All-in-one solution that combines beauty, strength, and technology.

PRIME’S sliding door is an automatic solution to almost any problem


Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Doors:

Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door System / Access control doors provide flexibility and comfort for entry without touching the door. For quick and easy access, the Automatic Sensor Door can be used without having to contact it. We offer a wide selection of products and will help you find the best entry solution for your property, office, or commercial building. It can sometimes seem that an automatic sliding door system is expensive. However, we offer this at a reasonable price. The Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Door Glass Door is easy to use, even for those who have bags or carts. To show customer care and excellent customer service, automated sliding doors are often used in high-traffic areas like hotels, commercial components, and group locations.

Safety detection: The smart sensor sliding door provides the highest level of security. You have the option to set an automatic stop for resistance when opening the gate. Also, you can set an automatic reverse for resistance when closing it. This ensures that you have the most secure system.

Brushless Motor: This door solution is made with a high-quality DC24v motor. This design combines electric structure and mechanics in a sleek, fashionable form.

Optional Device: The Automatic Sensor Door can be integrated with various types of optional devices like Remote Control, Photocell Safety Barrier, Functional Switch.

UPS (Battery Backup): To keep the door open even after power outages, we offer an optional Battery Backup system. It can be used to run approximately 200 times.

Application: The sliding glass door with motion sensor is an ideal solution for hospitals, airports, retail centers, pharmacies, hotels, grocery stores, hardware stores, sporting goods stores, and many other places.

How the Sensor Door Works: The sensor is powered by a Brushless motor and opens by a sensor, remote controller, or access control.

Automatic Sensor Door Prices: We offer door operators at the best and lowest price.

Access Control Glass Door: This Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Door Sensor Door can be used by Access control devices like Fingerprint, RFID Card, Face Detection, Remote control.

We supply Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door All Over Bangladesh.

Sliding Door Operating Systems:

Advanced smart door technology,

microcomputer intelligent control, and advanced mechanical configuration.

You can use a wide range of power settings, low power consumption, and energy-saving standby modes.

The brushless motor is fast and efficient.

The door can be operated safely by using microwave motion sensors.

All of the program parameters are saved to the computer’s memory. If the door isn’t locked, the door can still be operated manually.

Remote control and function keypad that can be used to operate five functions: always open, half-open, exit only, lock, normal, lock, and normally open.

Access keypads, security sensors, fire alarms, remote controls, pushbuttons, push-button, remote control, and more are all options.

This product is suitable for markets, showrooms, offices, shops, and cafes, as well as clubs.