Paid Parking Management System

Paid Parking Management System is based on the computer technology, image processing technology, and the fuzzy Recognition, to build the characteristics of the vehicle model, identify the vehicles’ characteristic, such as Plate, model, color, etc. It can automatically extract the plate image from an image, it USES the advanced image processing technology, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence to the collected images information and processing, it can be identify the license plate Numbers, letters and Chinese characters, and directly given recognition result, makes the system become a reality.



1. Lpr camera can identify vehicle license text and figures
2. Lpr camera parking system can identify one line and two lines license plate number
3. License plate recognition parking system can identify Chinese and English of license plate number
4. License plate recognition camera can recognize 0-2 letters and numbers 1 to 4 for the license plate number
5.The database can store the capture image, license plate number, lane number and the time of vehicle through record.
6.License plate number entrance and exit record can report output
7.Support English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese and other language customizable.
8.Image size: 768*576 pixels
9. Front size: 16*16-48*64 pixels
10. Lpr camera gun level angle: the maximum angle 25 degree into the drive lane
11. Lpr camera gun vertical angle: the maximum angle 25 degree into the horizontal
12.Minimum brightness: 500 lux




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