High Security Indurstry Automatic Shutter Door in Bangladesh

We import heavy-duty automatic industrial steel shutters from China, India, and Singapore. Also, we manufacture imported shutter components. The shutter can be made in any size you need, including 6 x 6 m or 7 x7 m.

We also import motors of different sizes and capacities shutter to match any capacity from China, India, and Made in Italy.

Motor Type: Roller Motor, Side Motor, Center Motor.

Different motors require a different type of remote controller. There are many remote control systems.

We are the sole authorized dealer for NICE (Made in ITALY) motors in Bangladesh.


Heavy Duty Industrial Roller Shutter:


Prime Heavy Duty Industrial Automatic Steel Shelves can be made of high-thick steel or aluminum.

Made from galvanized steel curved laps 75mm in thickness, increasing to 18swg with each size. Made to BS EN10142 and 10143. A zinc coating of 275g/m2 is applied with a hard-wearing nylon end or steel end.
Locks Galvanized guides – Standard 65mm x 32mmx 3mm increasing up to 95mm
45mm x 3mm, depending on the opening size Galvanized bottom rail – cold-rolled T


Hand chain operation or electric operation using a 3 phase motor with hand-crank manual override. A safety brake is standard.

Locking Options:

Chain locking cleat for hand chain shutters Electrically operated grilles can be locked by themselves.

Galvanized self-colored, Polyester Powder Coated, or HP200 Plastisol.

Maximum Sizes:

– Hand Chain: 5000mmW x 5000mmH
We recommend electric operation above these sizes
– Electric geared motor: 7250mmW x 7250mmH

Model Roller- 300kg Side-600kg Side-800kg
Power consump. 940W 710 W 900 W
Lifting Capacity 300kg 600kg 800kg
Capacitor in mF 4A 3.3A 6A
Torque in Nm 300Nm 412Nm 612Nm
R.P.M. 9 r/min 4.8 r/min 4.8 r/min
Voltage AC220 V AC220 V AC220 V