Hydraulic Automatic Scissor Lift

Hydraulic scissor lift tables are widely used in a variety of industries. They are an integral part of modern society. It is used to lift and lower materials to enable goods loading or unloading. These lifts are common in modern production lines to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Although it may seem like an intricate piece of machinery, the scissor lift tables are actually quite simple in their design and structure. You can learn more about its working principles and functions by learning how it was constructed.



Standard Scissor Lifts can be customized to fit into the Standard Scissor Lift Table basins by adding wheels that allow for easier movement. The Standard Scissor Lift Tables, which are electronic hydraulic scissor lifts of high quality, have loading capacities from 1,000KG up to 50,000KG and lifting heights as high as 6m. We can also accommodate custom platform sizes and lifting heights.

1. Saga’s first scissor lift tables are treated with shot blasting, stoving varnish, and high anti-corrosion function.

2. The scissor lift table is very stable and easy to use with a high-quality pump station.

3. Anti-pinch scissor design. The main pin-roll position adopts a self-lubricating design to prolong the life span.

4. A removable lifting eye can be used to lift the table and help with installation.

5. Heavy-duty cylinders with a drainage system, check valve, and stop the scissor lift tables lowering in case of a hose burst.

6. The pressure relief valve protects against overload operation. The flow control valve allows for adjustment of descent speed.

7. It is easier to maintain and operate because of its compact structure.

8. American standard ANSI/ASME and Europe standard EN1570 are both acceptable.