Hydraulic Automatic Dock Leveler

Safety features:
⦁ Hydraulic velocity fuse that limits loaded ramps free fall to within 3″ (76mm)
⦁ Full operating range metal (safety yellow) toe guards
⦁ Stationary side shields with high visibility OHSA safety striping
⦁ The maintenance strut supports the deck and lip, facilitating maintenance and inspection (saving you money and time)
⦁ Floating hinge and rear deck support like no other
⦁ Third wheel center channel
⦁ Comes standard with a weather seal


The DLSS 300/400/600 Hydraulic Dock Leveler provides the best solution for cargo needs. Safety is always a top priority. The DLSS-Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler is designed to maximize productivity in demanding warehouse environments. Super-Seal continues its innovation with premium dock products. The dock leveler was developed for high-volume performance and easy operation. It is simple to load and unload cargo with its fully automated operation. It is also a more cost-effective option for mechanical and air-powered dock levelers. It is easy to maintain and has low long-term costs. The unique channels that support the platform are what gives it its strength.