Electro Magnetic Strike Cabinet Lock

Electro Magnetic Strike Cabinet Lock offer both economy and high quality. They are ideal for locking drawers, Medical storage, lock boxes and display cases.

These versatile locks can be installed in either side or front of drawers or doors.



  • Compact and easy to install on furniture drawers or cabinet doors
  • Momentary or continuous unlocking
  • Dual Voltage, 12VDC
  • Field selectable fail safe
  • Option for latch monitor/door position contact
  • 224lbs. (1000N) holding force


Electro Magnetic Strike Cabinet Lock:


Product Details:

Working voltage 12VDC
Working current 0.65A
Suitable for small cabinet
Quality guarantee for 1 year (except that man-made and Force Majeure)
Working mode power on to open
Packing brand or standard packing
Dimension 55*40*30mm