DORMA Automatic Sensor Swing Glass Door- ED200

DORMA Automatic Sensor Swing Glass Doors – ED200 Operator:

The DORMA ED200 is a fully automatic electro-hydraulic swinging door operator that can operate both standard and large doors. You can adapt it to many different installations and applications. It also has numerous adjustable features. The integrated permanent-open mode activates the door and holds it open with a solenoid valve. This ensures absolute stability as well as operating silently. For maximum visual appeal, the sound-insulated Softline cover can be extended to the full width of the door opening. DORMA ED200 – available in sizes EN 7 and up – can also be used for fire- and smoke-rated doors with its permanent open function. You can install it in emergency exits or escape routes if it is controlled with an emergency exit security control. It can also be used in combination with access control systems.


DORMA Automatic Sensor Swing Door- ED200 Features:

Permanent-open Function

The solenoid valve holds the door open when the permanent-open function activates. This ensures both stability and operational silence.

Ideal for smoke and fire check doors

DORMA ED200 – available in sizes EN 4-6 to EN 7 – is suitable for fire and smoke checks doors. It also has a permanent-open function, numerous control, and can be used as a door opener. Double-leaf doors can also be fitted with an integrated door coordinate (ED 200 ESR), which is hidden behind the cover.

Benefits and features

One version for both door directions (left-handed/right-handed) and mounting positions (hinge [pull] side/opposite hinge [push] side)

Two auxiliary screws and plug-connected cabling make it easy to mount.

Reliable operation even under heavy-use doors or entrances that are exposed to inclement weather

Maximum adaptability to individual needs – e.g. In hospitals, elderly homes, facilities for the handicapped, restaurants, security areas, and laboratories

This connector is suitable for connecting tested infrared safety sensors.