Car Parking Auto Payment Ticketing System

Automatic Car Parking Security Barrier- [European Standard]

Automatic Car Parking Barriers and accessories are imported from China, Taiwan, and Italy. We stock a large number of barriers.

Automatic Car Parking Barrier [Prime]

for road access control. 24 Vdc Gearmotor, with built-in control unit, adjustable speed, and anti-crush safety feature. There are two types of cases available: galvanized steel and stainless steel (AISI 344), in sizes ranging from 3 to 7 meters long.

Remote Control: This remote control system is compatible with all security barriers.

Push Button: This wire-connected push button can be used with parking vehicle barriers for OPEN, CLOSE, and STOP

Safety Barrier: This safety barrier can be used to protect your car.

Loop Detector – Loop detector can be used with a barrier to allow automatic closing

Brand: PRIME

Brand Model: PBF200



Key Specifications/Special Features:

Introduction to Product

IC card offline & Central Charge Parking System is our advanced Smart Card Parking System. It is primarily intended for projects with high capacity, central charge, and heavy traffic parking lots. It also integrates with RFID card technology and barcode ticket technology, which allow for offline payment and central payment management.

Function and Feature

Mifare/EM Card smart parking lot system to disconnect or connect offline networking

Central payment function

supports One ticket per card for one vehicle; the card or ticket is only available to users when the vehicle is identified.

Image comparison function at exit and entrance

RFID cards for VIP users, temporary users, and long-term users. RFID card works regardless of whether the card is temporary or long-term.

Software users can add & delete items.

Support users can access their services offline or online and are charged according to the time it is entered and left. Temporary users can use the barcode ticket with time in, times out, and other editing information from the software Strong management software will make all records such as vehicle records, payment records, and time in/time out records.

All records will be stored in the system. All procedures are simple to use, with an LED display and voice prompt.

Automatic Car Parking Security Barrier [Prime]:

User Interface: All types of access control devices can be used with vehicle control barriers to make entry more secure

High-grade Performance: Security barriers and gates barriers provide high levels of protection against illegal vehicle entry. These vehicle crash barriers can be used to prevent light and heavy vehicles from entering your area or buildings. High-security parking barriers offer strength and durability. These road safety equipment are made with high-quality materials and features to ensure maximum strength and durability.

Price of road blocker system: We can also make some parts in the local area to lower the price.

Security Road Blocker Security: The internal mechanism of the security road blocker is operated by a Hydraulic system and heavy-duty motor system. This makes it very safe.

Manual Operation: The hydraulic system powers the drive unit, but Road Blocker System can still be operated manually using manual hand pumps or valves in case of power loss. How to Install a Parking Barrier. Vehicle access control barriers can be installed quickly and easily. The complete system is already in a cartoon. We just need to attach it to the ground.

Made in Italy Security Barrier: We import NICE Brand Security Parking Barrels directly from Italy. Security System authorized dealer.

Made in Taiwan Security Barriers: We import Taiwan-patented NOBEL Brand Security Parking Barriers. They are of excellent quality.

Loop Detector: This loop detector can be used with a barrier to allow automatic closing and car safety while standing under the arm.