Automatic Tripod Turnstile Barrier

We import & Supply different types of Tripod turnstile Barriers from China & Europe all over Bangladesh. All products are with a Genuine Guarantee.



Features of Automatic Tripod Turnstile Barrier: 

Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, smooth running, long life.

⦁ Fingerprint, Card readers, and other access control devices can control the turnstiles.

⦁ Hydraulic shock absorbers can be freely adjusted the return of turnstiles.

⦁ Anti-recoil: if any person tries to enter from the opposite direction, the turnstile is immediately locked.

⦁ Only one person can pass through the gate showing one card.

⦁ The arm will automatically drop when power is OFF and can be set back once power is ON.

⦁ With automatic reset function After Reading card or finger on the reader if the user doesn’t pass through the turnstile in a certain time, the system will automatically cancel the access

⦁ Privileges and restrictions on the passage of time can be set by the management person. ⦁ Our turnstiles can be used together with other access control.