Automatic Swing Turnstile Barrier

We import Automatic Car Parking Barrier and some accessories from China, Taiwan and Italy. We have large quantity of barrier are in stock

Electromechanical road barrier system for control of road access. 24 Vdc gear motor, with built-in control unit, adjustable speed and anti-crush safety function. Two types of case available, galvanized steel  or stainless steel (AISI 304) in three sizes  from 3 to 7 meters long.

Remote Control: Remote control system can use with all barrier

Push Button: Wire connected push button can use with barrier to OPEN, CLOSE, STOP

Safety Barrier: Safety barrier can use with barrier to save car.

RFID / Finger Print / Face Detection: All type access control is available.

Brand : NICE

Brand Model : SBAR

Origin: Made in ITALY

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Product Feature:

  • Barriers made from stainless steel, acrylic glass, etc;
  • Automatic counting indicating passenger’s number.
  • Human base model indication function, real time displaying, improve the passing rate and convenient maintain
  • Anti pinch function, barriers auto open when power shut, insure user safety.
  • Break-in ,tail ,over-pass and reverse alert function in order to keep orderliness and effective manage
  • Super combination capacity, adjustable model on site
  • Barriers move speed auto adjust with card reader, problem self-recovery which could convenient users and operators.
  • Standard input/output port, meanwhile leaving a port space for installing RS485 communication, connect and manage the integrated systems through the remote PC.
  • Turned up-coverage is water-proof and easy maintain .
  • Open direction adjustable even though power off