Automatic Steel Rolling Shutter

We import motor and some accessories from China and Italy and manufacture steel shutter in our factory as customer need. This is the speedy way to deliver the shutter in short time.

Motor: NICE

Origin: Made in ITALY

Model: GR-170, GR-340

We have a big range of customers who is using Heavy-duty steel shutters for a long time.

We are the only authorized dealer of NICE products in Bangladesh.


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Automatic GP Steel Rolling Shutter in Bangladesh:

Product Features:

Shutter Control System: We can control every GP steel shutter in two way, one is using Push button & other way is by Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Control. Both are trustworthy.

Security Shutter: Automatic steel rolling shutter is made by heavy steel GP sheet and construct by using automatic roll forming machine. So it is very secure for your property.

 Customize Shutter: Stainless steel shutter or Aluminum Shutter we make in our workshop after customer order, so we make them as user requirement.

Heavy Duty & Energy Saving Motor: We use Automatic Roller shutter motor Made in italy. This is Heavy duty & energy saving motor, because it runs efficiently using lower energy than other motors. You can get more information from NICE international website.

High-Grade Performance: All Aluminum Rolling Shutter & automatic steel rolling shutter made of high grade material & they are imported from well-known brand. So product has good performance.

Durability and Reliability: Automatic security shutters for shops are highly durable & reliable. So it can match with user requirements.

Shutter Material: Automatic security shutters are made by pure GP steel sheet & Imported Aluminum profile. So it very safe & secure.

Application: Residential security shutters can use secure house or bungalow, electric roller garage doors for car garage, so user can open and close it by remote control without using hand. industrial roller shutter doors are widely uses to secure factory and also industrial need to use with motor as they are larger in size.

 Remote Operation: All Aluminum Shutter, GP steel shutter, metal roller shutters & Heavy duty industrial shutter can operate by Remote control & main feature of remote control is that we can operate many shutter using a single remote button.

User Interface: All the automatic electric roller shutters operation can make secure by Access control or manual key switch. So unauthorized person can’t open the shutter.

 Vehicle Safety Assurance: Automatic roller garage doors are equipped with Photocell sensor safety Barrier to protect car from damage.

Product Flexibility: We have wide range of shutter material and different capacity motor to make any size or capacity shutter.

Availability: We have all king of shutter like Aluminum Shutter, Grill shutter, stainless steel shutter Acrylic shutter in stock. If need we import can from reliable source in several countries.

Price of Automatic steel rolling shutter System: Price of Automatic steel rolling shutter is very convenient & as we make it after customer order, so it is cost effective & low price depends on quality.

Manual Operation: All king of shutter like Aluminum Shutter, Grill shutter, stainless steel shutter Acrylic shutter can operate by hand if power failure.

How to Install Automatic steel rolling shutter: Installation of Automatic steel rolling shutter are easy & convenient. Full system comes in ready made in a cartoon, we need to fix the system with ground and it is ready to use.

Made in Italy Shutter Motor: We Import NICE Brand Shutter Motor directly from Italy. We are authorized dealer for Security System & motor.

Loop Detector: Loop detector can use with Automatic steel rolling shutter to enable automatic closing & car safety during passing through the shutter.

Interlock System Shutter: Automatic steel rolling shutter can integrate with interlock system to ensure that only one will run and other shutter will remain closed until 1st shutter closed down.


Specification for Manual and Automatic Shutter GP Rolling Shutter Body Part:

  1. Profile : 22gwz thickness zinc coated galvanized solid sheet profile

(Applicable for solid shutter only) 

  1. Handle part: 5mm thickness 3 inch X 2 inch MS box is used for handle part.
  1. Handle: Machine made MS handle for manual operation.
  1. Pipe: 3mm thickness MS. Pipe 75mm outer diameter.
  1. Spring Box: Machine made spring box containing ball bearing outer diameter 248mm and inner diameter 75mm
  1. Spring: High tempered imported flat spring thickness 1.4mm and width 60mm
  1. Guide: Profile travel guide are made by 3mm thickness and 3inch wide MS sheet and flank thickness 2mm size (14” X 14”) width or as required.
  1. Nylon: Made by Nylon, it also makes low noise & smooth operation.
  1. Connector: S. connector is used to connect spring box and shutter profile.