Automatic Sliding Gate Operator NICE-1800kg-2500kg [Made In ITALY]

Automatic Sliding Gate Operator NICE-1800kg-2500kg [Made in ITALY]

For sliding gates 1800 kg (RUN1800) & 2500 kg (RUN2500).

Ventilated motor with inductive limit switch (RUN1800P/RUN2500P) or

Electromechanical limit switch (RUN1800/RUN2500I/RUN2500).

Suitable to operate in extreme conditions, in systems for intensive use.

Simple to install: the Blue BUS system enables connections by means of just two wires between the control unit and up to15 control safely and signaling device.

Safe: the acceleration setting (at the start of the maneuver) and the declaration setting (at the end of the maneuver) are precise and reliable.

The temperature sensor: Run is able to manage force, adapting it to the different climatic and environmental conditions. While adapting the thermal cut-out protection and intensity of self-ventilation, depending on temperature reading.

A master/slave: selection also automatically synchronize 2 motors, enabling the automation of sliding gates with two opposing leaves.

Practical and functional: the control unit (and inverter on version RUN2500I), housed inside Run, can be simply connected by means of the practical connector guide.

Very quit: gear motor on bearings.




RUN2500I version with built-in inverter

Perfect movement: the inverter enables the power supply and drive of the 3-phase motor single-phase current at 230 Vac, acting on the frequency to adjust speed of the automation from a minimum of 8.2 m/min to maximum15.4 m/min. In the automation deceleration phase, the inverter, which dialogues with the control unit, increases the torque, thus improving performance and reducing the risk of the automation blocking on impact with obstacles.