Automatic Sliding Gate Operator 3000kg [Prime]

This item’s features include the ability to disconnect the manual manually for easy use. The time it takes to close the automatic gate can be set from 1-25 minutes. It is safe and reliable, has a slow heat generation, stable start, waterproof explosion-proof, and many other features. Motor force adjustment allows you to adjust the thrust of your motor during operation. This prevents overloading and protects the motor. To protect the motor, the temperature protector cuts off the power supply when it detects too much heat. Motor time protection prevents the motor from running for too long if the stroke is not completed. The default time is 90 seconds, but this can be changed by the motor. Anti-shock stroke design. When the door body reaches stroke, the button cannot be pressed in the other direction. The motor can be controlled to stop the stroke. Material: plastic, aluminum, color. Voltage: 220-230v 50hz. Maximum load: 1200kg. Start current: 3a. Temperature ranges from -20a to 55. Reserved line installation required for 1 square mm. 1.5 square meters.

1. The motor worm gear-driven gear is the heart of this machine.

​2. The specific motor that drives the worm transfers the motion to the worm gear and the driven gear sprocket and the driven gear drives the rack.

3. The motor transfers its motion energy through the sprocket and gear. The driven gear and the worm gear will both rotate when the clutch is engaged, so the door can be opened or closed under electric control. To open or close the gate manually, disengage the clutch by turning 90 clockwise with the disengage key. Package contains 1 x door opener kit kig1 and English user manual. Pictures.


Automatic Sliding gate operator: China

Model SG500
Power input AC220V/110V±10% (50-60Hz)
Motor power 550W
Maximum gate weight 1500KGS
Motor voltage 24V DC
Gate moving speed 12m/min
Product weight 16kg
Transmitter frequency 433.92MHz
Remote control range 75M
Limit switch Magnetic or Spring limit switch
Stable performance Electric soft start, soft stop
Safety function Automatic reverse back upon impact

Automatic gate machine system technical characteristics: SG400

Power supply 12VDC+10% / 1.2A
Standby current 30~50mA
Opening lock relay 12VDC/2A
Relative humidity 20%~90%RH
Card storage capacity 500 pcs / PINs
Identification time <0.1s
Induction frequency 125KHz
RF card type EM card or EM compatible card
Card Reading Distance 5 – 15cm
Lock interface Relay output
Exit button One interface
Output interface NO/NC

Auto slide gate opener technical characteristics: SG 500 (China)

Supply voltage 12VDC±10%
Working current <120mA
Door relay 12VDC/5A
Storage capacity 1000 cards, each with a Personal PIN
Dimension 128mm x 82mm x 28mm
Weight 500g
Operating temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Keypad housing Metal
Reading Distance 5~10cm
Card type EM or EM compatible card
Wiring Connections Electric lock, Remote control, Door open detection, External doorbell, Alarm