Automatic Sliding Gate Opener 2000kg

Product Features:

1. Brushless waterproof motor: High-speed pure copper core powerful motor. More stable operation and super mute.
2. Control chip: Multi-function wiring port, multi-speed adjustment, resistance adjustment, door closing delay adjustment, super large transformer, more convenient functions.
3. The ultra-quiet system: provides a long operating life with minimum maintenance requirements.
4. Install infrared sensor: By installing an infrared anti-induction device, if the door opener deters an obstacle within the monitoring range during the closing process, the door opener stops closing and opens immediately.
5. Equipped with manual release key: in case of a power outage or when you lose your remote.
6. It can be used on 230V/110V/24V.


Name Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Opener
Max loading weight 2000kg
Max thrust 1100N
Working speed 18m/min
Working temperature -20°C~+50°C
Output Teeth 24 T
Limit Switch Type Magnetic / Spring
Rated Motor Power 400 W