Automatic Sliding Gate Opener 1500kg [Prime]


1. When power is lost, the manual release switch can be used.

2. Meet the resistance to return function.

3. Motor gear self-locking.

4. Remote control or external control

5. Optional spring or magnetic switch

6. A soft start is used to ensure smooth motor operation and smooth start.



Model: DW-1206

Suitable gate weight: 1500kg

Door close speed: 12m/s

Motor speed: 1400rpm

Limit switch: magnetic/spring

Base material: alloy aluminum

Voltage: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz

Fuse: 220V 10A

Wet: 35%~85% RH

Motor voltage: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz

Output power: 750W

Temperature: -20℃~65℃

Gate Opener remote:

Working voltage: DC 12V 23A/piece

Working current: ≤12mA

Distance: ≤50m

Frequency: 433MHz