Automatic Sliding Gate Motor 1000kg [Prime]

1000KG Gate motor auto sliding gate electric automatic door opener

Operating Environment Temperature:  -45ºC~65ºC

Supply Voltage (V): AC380V

Motor Power (W): 750W

Torque: 35Nm

Maximum Weight of Gate: 1000kg

Motor Rotation Speed (Rated): 1400r/min

Gate Speed: 12M/Minute

Limit Switch: Spring switch/magnetic switch

Noise ≤56dB


1000kg Sliding Door Motor Features:

1. A temperature protector is fitted to the motor. The motor will cut the power supply to protect it if the temperature rises too high. Slow heating, stable starting, and high security.

2. It is powerful, quiet, reliable, smooth, and has a lot of torque.

3. Use 100% pure copper motor. The gears are made from A3 steel finish plating, rust material. The screw next to the gears is stainless steel screw. The cover in the middle is a stainless steel material.

4. You can also turn the special clutch key to release the clutch, and push the door manually.

5. To ensure pedestrian safety, the circuit includes electronic infrared radiation collision prevention and electronic reverse when encountering obstacles.

6. The controller’s signal is stable, and the reception time can belong.

7. It is easy to install and maintain.