Automatic One Way Road Barrier Spike Tyre Killer In Bangladesh

Automatic One Way Road  Barrier Spike Tyre Killer has functions of deceleration and break vehicle tires, normally applicable to highway toll stations etc. and other similar places prevent vehicles abscond, now has slope type tyre killer and embedded tyre killer.

Tyre killer, also known as road blocker or road barrier to restrict vehicle from entering to restricted area by breaking tyre, and other intention of automatic spike tyre killer is to prevent vehicles escape from toll stations. The product could be operated by manual buttons and remote control. With slow down the vehicle and puncture tire functions, spike tyre killer barrier is the essential special facilities to prevent vehicles brutal pass ensure the life and property Safety.

Its structure is composed of A3 steel plate (shape similar like deceleration belt) and steel plate blade, adopts electronic-mechanical integrated control device. It is an advanced device that intercepts unauthorized vehicles and terrorists, has easy to operate, reliable and safe advantages.

Automatic Parking Road Barrier Blocker is used for very protective area like Military Bases, Embassies, Government Buildings, Sports and some other important public service related area.

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Automatic One Way Road Barrier Spike Tyre Killer in Bangladesh:


User Interface: Automatic One Way Road  Barrier Spike Tyre Killer can operate by Push Switch & Radio Frequency Remote Control

 Operating Style: One Way Parking Lot Spike Strip Tire Killer operates like an access control barrier. It prevents to drive in from wrong side or not allowed side.

Easy Install: Automatic Spike Tyre Killer can be installation or removal is very easy and flexible.

Heavy Duty Spike: Traffic Spike and Road Blocker is made of heavy duty steel spikes that rises from the underground; so it is not possible to cross vehicles without harms.

Access Control Use: Security Road Blocker system can integrate with any kind of access control device. Like PILMAT Bollards, PILMAT Road Blockers.

Un use Condition: When automatic spike road blocker are not in use, then it can keep in idea close condition and vehicles can go without barrier. That time Tire Killer is totally hidden in the underground, so it allows to drive all vehicles.

Application Area: automatic parking road blocker is used for very protective area like military bases, embassies, government buildings, airports and some other important public service related area.

Manual Operation: Automatic Spike Road Blocker can use manually if power failure or emergency.


How to Install Hydraulic Spike Tyre Killer:

To determine the installation location, to amend the road surface roughness; In the equipment chassis below, embedded pipeline (3 * 2.5 a power cord, 8 * 0.75 a control line); Place equipment, adjust the equipment horizontal position; The use of expansion screws, fixed equipment; Link power supply, debugging equipment.