Automatic High Speed PVC Shutter in Bangladesh

High-speed PVC Sheet Shutter operates in a split-second and is designed for high traffic flow compartmentalization for dust control and building thermal efficiency. It is not made by conventional metal; it is made by poly vinyl chloride (1mm thickness) and low in weight. GCTL are the leading supplier of PVC shutter in Bangladesh. it used in Indoor, outdoor which requests resistant the wind/ temperature. Heavy industry, Light industry, food industry, electronics, pharmaceutical, warehousing, packaging, printing, chemical industry, automobile, manufacturing.


Automatic High-Speed PVC Shutter or Clean Room High-Speed Doors are designed for internal applications and protect your internal environment against droughts, humidity, dust, and dirt. Superior sealing properties and operating speed increase traffic flow and control the environment, thus reducing energy costs.

We provide clients with a PVC Rapid Roll-up door that is approved by the Quality Assurance Department. Our roll-up doors offer excellent visibility and provide a safe work environment



High speed shutter door


Key Features:

Shutter Control System: Every PVC Industrial Shutter Door & GP Steel Shutter can be controlled in one of two ways. One is via Pushbutton, and the other is by Radio Frequency Remote Control (RF). Both options are reliable.

Customize Shutter: PVC Industrial Shutter Doors can be customized to your specifications. We import the entire product in ready-made condition and deliver it to you.

Heavy Duty & Energy Saving Motor – We use Siemens & other branded energy-saving motors for an Automatic High-Speed PVC shutter. These shutter doors are extremely fast so it saves electricity.

Shutter Material: High-speed PVC shutters are made from high-grade PVC sheets and metal slides. It runs on a 440V AC motor. It can be operated by remote control, push-button, or sensor.

Application: The Automatic High-Speed PVC Shutters can be used in Clear Rooms, Dust Free Rooms, Humidity-Controlled Rooms, Medical & Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals Company, and other areas.

Remote Operation: All aluminum shutters, GP steel shutters, and heavy-duty industrial shutters can be operated remotely. The main advantage of remote control is the ability to operate multiple shutters with one remote button.

User Interface: Access control and manual key switches can be used to secure all-electric roller shutters and PVC industrial shutter doors. The shutter can be locked so that no one but authorized personnel can open it.

Vehicle Safety Assurance: PVC Industrial Shutter doors are fitted with Photocell safety Barriers to protect vehicles from harm.

Product Flexibility: We offer a variety of shutter materials and motors with different capacities to make any size shutter.

Price of road blocker system: The price of PVC High-Speed Shutters/Automatic Rolling Shutters is very affordable. We make them after customers order so that it is economical and low-cost. Quality is what matters.

Manual Operation: All shutters can be operated manually, including Grill shutters, aluminum shutters, and stainless steel shutters.

How to Install PVC High-Speed Shutters:  The installation of Automatic High-Speed PVC Shutters is simple and straightforward. The entire system is already pre-made and comes with a cartoon. We just need to attach the system to the ground.

Made in Italy Shutter Motor: Our Shutter Motors are imported directly from Italy by NICE Brand. We are authorized dealers for Security systems and motors.

Loop Detector: This loop detector can be used with an Automatic steel rolling shutter for automatic closing and car safety while passing through the shutter.

Dust Control Shutter Door:  Interlock System Shutter – PVC high-speed shutter and Automatic steel rolling shutter can be integrated with an interlock to ensure that one shutter runs, while the other shutter remains closed until it is shut down.

Low Maintenance: PVC High-Speed Shutters have 440V AC motors that make it easy and smooth to move.

Dust Control Shutter Door: PVC High-Speed Shutters are ideal shutter doors for users who need a dust-controlled area.

PVC High-Speed Shutter: This Moisture Control Shutter Door is extremely useful to control room humidity. Room moisture can be controlled because shutters open and close quickly.

High-Speed Shutter PVC: The High-Speed Shutter uses approximately. It takes approximately 1 second to move up or down 3m. This shutter door is high-speed.

PVC High-Speed Shutter: Also known as loading unloading bay shutter, the PVC High-Speed Shutter. It is used in the loading-unloading zone of the factory where there are many incoming and outgoing products.

Model GR-340
Power consumption 800W
Lifting Capacity 340kg
Capacitor in mF 3.3
Motor diameter 200mm – 240mm
Shutter tube 60 mm – 76 mm
R.P.M. 8
Voltage AC220 V