Automatic Hermetic Hospital Sliding Door

*Automation hermetic sliding doors are available in single and double-leaf types.

*The track rail is made from Al alloy and has 2 patents. Air hermetization works by coordinating the work of the special groove that corresponds to the idler pulley, the lead rail, and the combined action of the special groove at the bottom of the sliding doors and the small positioning stick.


Automatic Hermetic Hospital Sliding Door – DEUTSCHTEC, GERMANY:

The hermetically sealed sliding door, also known as the Automatic Hermetic Hospital Sliding Door, is specifically made for areas that require hygiene and control of air leakage. This system operator is intended for use with standard pedestrian sliding doors, but it can only be used for proper sealing in dry rooms. It has a unique track system that seals perfectly when closed, helping to reduce cross-contamination and wound infections. Go for more details DEUTSCHTEC HOSPITAL DOOR


Origin: Made in GERMANY.

Features of hermetic sliding door:

* Optimal sealing function, suitable for special use
* Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters
* Can be connected with foot sensor switch or hand sensor switch, convenient for users
* Effectively prevent wind, cold, dust, and the spread of many infections
* Advanced brush-less motor ensures silent operation
* Safe and reliable, safety sensor can accurately detect the passenger and ensure guest’s safety

Technical specifications of hermetic sliding door:

Position Exterior
Width Min. /Max 1000/4200 mm
Height Min. /Max 1000/4500 mm
Opening Direction Vertical
Opening/Closing Speed 0.05 m – 0.2 m/sec
Wind Resistance Up to 90 km/hr