Automatic Door Wireless Push Button Switch

Automatic wireless push button switch uses to open Automatic Sensor Door or Access control EM door lock. This is a very elegant looking switch for Glass door. As it is wireless so there is no need any wire to connect, so it can set door leaf also.

Warranty: 1 year warranty for every system.


Wireless Push Button Features:

  1. Wireless touch Switch adopts uniformity frequency , high stability of wireless signal transceiving.
  2. PU varnished shell , dapper appearance with anti-off screws.
  3. Operation frequency 315M , stability better than 10-5. Built-in copper antenna, which has long wireless transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability.
  4. Panel pushing with long transmission distance, low-power consumption, and long service life battery.
  5. Three point of trigger pressing design to ensure the effective action.
  6. With large capacity output, available to be used with autodoor, electric lock and access controller.
  7. Door open within 2 seconds when signal received.
  8. Wide voltage input of AC/DC12-36V.
  9. Function switch with voice indicator, power indicator turns green to confirm the validity of operation.
  10. After wireless reception, the trigger action time can be adjusted in 1~9 seconds to facilitate various gated requirements.


Product Description

Suit for all kinds of automatic swing doors and automatic sliding doors, easy installation, Reliable quality.

Automatic door wireless push switch feature:
Made as per international standard,good work function.
Touch design,built-in all imported moisture-proof dust button, feel great.
Switch contact output,for external automatic doors and electronic access require.

Wireless push switch technical data:
Service life: More than 600,000times
Output capacity:switch contact 1A 12VDC.

  • How to Connect RF Remote control Wireless Push Button :

    1. This product is a self-learning code type. You must learn the code of the original remote controller into this controller before you can use it. The same coding only needs to be learned once, and up to 16 different coding can be learned.
    2. Learning method: Press the learning key, the indicator light turns green and enters the learning state. Press any key of the remote control to learn at this time, and the green light flickers twice, then the learning can be successful. After 3 seconds, it automatically exits and returns to standby state.
    3. Delete method: Press the learning key for 5 seconds and the green light flickers a few times to delete all the codes. (No single deletion is allowed for this product).
    4. Keep or click output switching when power is off, otherwise the switching is invalid.
    5. Open the outer cover and built-in code-pulling switch, which can be used staggeringly to prevent coherent interference between two adjacent devices.