Automatic Door Motion Sensor HOLUX

Germany Holux Automatic Sliding Door Sensor Door in Bangladesh:

Holux Auto Sliding Door X3 uses the latest technology and innovative parts. Its capabilities are far superior to older models despite being small in size. We have been responsible for all stages of the design, production, and research of this controller in Germany. Our Expert engineers have many years of valuable experience. We also have strict compliance with all European Union and German DIN norms such as machine directives and electromagnetic compatibility regulations. Holux X3 controller is safer than similar products and can last longer. You can also be proud to have Eco-friendly technology because of the sophisticated technologies used to conserve energy and resources.


Germany Holux Automatic Sliding Sensor Door in Bangladesh:
HOLUX Safety Detection: Holux Auto Sliding Door will provide the best security no doubt. There is an option of automatic stop for resistance during opening gate, also has automatic reverse for resistance during closing gate which ensures the best security system to use.
Brushless Motor: This automatic door solution is made with a quality DC24v motor. It’s the design of integrated mechanic and electric structure streamline fashionable outline.
Optional Device: Our Automatic Sensor door can integrate with different types of optional devices like- Photocell Safety Barrier, Remote Control, Functional Switch.
UPS (Battery Beck-up): Automatic Sliding Door Controller has an optional Battery Beck-up system to keep run the door even after power failure approx 200 times or more. Users can choose it.
Electronic Lock: Holux Super Shop Sliding Door can use an electronic Lock for safety at nigh
Application: Automatic motion sensor Sliding Glass Door is a perfect & smart entrance solution for Hospitals, Airports, Retail Centers, Pharmacies, Hotels, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, And more.
How Automatic Sensor Door Works: Automatic Sensor Door run by Brushless DC motor and open by a sensor or access control or remote controller.
Automatic Sensor Door Price: We supply door operators with low & best prices.
Access Control Sliding Glass Door: Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door can use by Access control devices like Fingerprint, RFID Card, Face Detection & Remote control.
Where we supply: We supply Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door all over Bangladesh, in BD, in Dhaka, in chattogram, in Sylhet, in Rajshahi.