Automatic Car Parking Barrier [Nobel, Taiwan]

Features of Automatic Car Parking Security Barrier:

  • Automatic Car Parking Barriers and accessories are imported from China, Taiwan, and Italy. We stock a large number of barriers.Barrier system to control road access. 24 Vdc Gearmotor, with the built-in control unit. Adjustable speed, anti-crush safety function, and adjustable speed. There are two types of cases available: galvanized steel and stainless steel (AISI 344), in sizes ranging from 3 to 7 meters long.Remote Control: This remote control system is compatible with all barriersPush Button: This wire-connected push button can be used with a barrier to OPEN CLOSE STOPSafety Barrier: This safety barrier can be used to protect your car.Loop Detector – Loop detector can be used with a barrier to allow automatic closingNOBEL brand

    Brand Model: NOB100

    Origin: Made in TAIWAN

    We are the only authorized NICE dealer in Bangladesh



Automated Car Parking Barrier (Nobel, Taiwan)

Security Barrier to Automatic Car Parking

Barrier Control: Car crash barriers are equipped with a powerful motor system that can be operated by pressing a button.

Remote Operation: Every security gate and barrier is equipped with an RF remote control, which allows you to operate any type of barrier from far away.

A user interface to: make it more secure, you can use all types of access control devices with vehicle control barriers.

Protection Level: Waterproof car security barriers can be placed anywhere. The security barrier’s protection level is IP44.

We stock Hydraulic barriers in China, Taiwan, and Made in Italy.

Manual Operation Road Blocker System is powered by a hydraulic system. However, it can still be manually operated using manual hand pumps and valves in the event of power loss.

Made in Taiwan Security Barriers We import Taiwan-patented NOBEL Brand Security Park Barriers. They are of excellent quality.

Loop Detector: The loop detector can be combined with a barrier for automatic closing and vehicle safety, while still being under the arm.

Vehicle Safety Insurance: To protect cars from the Barrier arm, the Photocell safety Barrier is mounted on retractable security bollards.

Product Flexibility: Parking vehicle barriers come in many sizes and styles. There are two options: Straight or Folding arms and 3m- to 7m arms.

Durability and reliability: The Automatic Hydraulic crash-rated barriers can be extremely durable and reliable. It is determined how strong crash-rated barriers are.

Security Road Blocker Security: Hydraulic system and heavy-duty motor system control the internal mechanism of security road blocker. It is therefore very secure.

How to install a parking barrier: It is easy to install vehicle access control barriers. The entire system is already illustrated in a cartoon. It is only necessary to attach it to the ground.

Made in Taiwan Security Barriers: We import Taiwan-patented NOBEL Brand Security Barriers. They are of excellent quality.