Automatic Aluminum Shutter:

Automatic Aluminum Shutter:

Material: Aluminum

Color Type: Powder Coated Color

Motor Type: Roller Motor, Side Motor.

Automatic Aluminum shutter components are imported from China and India. We manufacture shutters upon order. We can supply shutters in a medium quantity from our stock. We will need to import large quantities from a selected supplier. We can deliver the imported shutter once the order is finalized in approximately 45 days. Imported shutters can be ordered in a variety of colors and designs..

Shutter Motor Capacity: Shutter motor capacity depends on shutter size and price also accordingly.

Shutter Profile: Shutter profile thickness also depends on shutter size and price also accordingly.

Manual Operation: All types of motor can operate manually after power failure.

Operation: Push Button, Remote Control, Wifi Mobile App.



Automatic Aluminum Roller Shutter Features:

  • Automatic Aluminum Roller Shutter Features
    Shutter Control System: It is possible to control the garage door with an electric roller shutter there are two options: one uses push-button, and the other is Radio Frequency (RF), Remote Control. Both can be trusted.
    Security Shutter: The aluminum roller shutter garage door is made from heavy steel GP sheets and constructed by an automatic roll forming machine. It is highly secure for your property.
    You can customize your shutter aluminum roller shutter garage door Or Aluminum ShutterWe makes them in our workshop following customer orders, so they are as per the user’s requirement.
    Heavy Duty & Energy Saving Motor: is what we use as an Italian-made automatic roller shutter motor. This motor is heavy-duty and energy-saving because it uses less energy than other motors. More information can be found on the ice international website
    Shutters are strong and durable: to make everything, we use durable and heavy imported material aluminum Shutter&galvanized steel shutters. They are strong and durable.
    Shutter Material: automatic security shutters made from pure GP steel sheet and Imported aluminum profile. It is therefore very secure and safe.
    Application: Security shutters for residential use can use a bungalow or secure house electric roller garage doors or car garage, remote control is used to open and close the door without having to use hands. Industrial roller shutter doors are used extensively to secure factories as well as industrial needs because they are larger in scale.
    Remote Operation: AllAluminum Shutter?GP steel shutters? metal roller shutters&Shutters for heavy-duty industrial use can be operated by remote control. The main advantage of remote control is the ability to operate multiple shutters with one remote button.
    The user interface: of automatic Aluminum Rolling ShutterOperation can be made secure with Access control or manual switch. The shutter can be locked so that no one is able to open it.
    Vehicle Safety Insurance: Aluminum roller shutter garage door protects cars from harm by installing a Photocell Safety Barrier.
    Product FlexibilityWe offer a wide variety of services. Aluminum Shutter?GP steel shutter material and motors of different capacities to make shutters of any size or capacity.
    Available: Automatic Aluminum Rolling ShutterYou can choose from single or double walls. All shutters are available in single and double walls. Aluminum Shutter?Grill shutter? Stainless steel Shutterstock of acrylic shutters We can import acrylic shutters from trusted sources in many countries if you have the need.
    Road Blocker System Price: Aluminum Rolling ShutterIt is extremely convenient and we make it after customers order.
    Manual OperationShutter like the kingAluminum Shutter? Grill shutter? Stainless steel shutter power fails, the acrylic shutter can be operated manually.
    How do you install it? Automatic Aluminum Rolling Shutter: InstallationShutter for Automatic Aluminum RollingThey is simple and convenient. The complete system is already in a cartoon. We just need to attach the ground to make it work.
    Loop Detector: To enable auto-closing and car safety when passing through the shutter, a loop detector can be used with an Automatic Aluminum Rolling Shutter.
    Interlock System ShutterAluminum rolling shutter automatic integrate with an interlocking system to make sure that one shutter runs and the other shutters remain closed until 1stThe shutter was closed.
    Shutter ColorAluminum Rolling ShutterAvailable in Natural Aluminum Finish, Color anodizing, or powder coating
    Made in Italy Shutter motor: We importNICEBrand Shutter Motor direct from Italy We are authorized dealers for Security systems and motors.


Model Roller- 300kg Side-600kg Side-800kg  
Power consume 940W 710 W 900 W
Lifting Capacity 300kg 600kg 800kg
Capacitor in mF 4A 3.3A 6A
Torque in Nm 300Nm 412Nm 612Nm
R.P.M. 9 r/min 4.8 r/min 4.8 r/min
Voltage AC220 V AC220 V AC220 V