Access Control Electromagnetic (EM) Lock

The design of magnetic locks (Electromagnetic lock) is the same as the electromagnet. By using the principle of electromagnetic, when current passes through the silicon steel sheet, magnetic locks will produce powerful suction, thereby helps to tightly absorb iron plate. Even small current will produce huge magnetic, which can effectively control the door.


Lock Feature:


  • Lock holding capacity 280kg.
  • Lock has LED indicator.
  • Installation type: hanging mounted/surface mounted
  • Operating: fail-safe and locked when energized
  • Bracket is optional, assembled on hollow door and glass doors
  • Unlocking way: unlock when power-off
  • Door type: single door
  • Can be used with access control system, building intercom and fire
  • Suitable for wooden, metal, glass, stainless steel and fireproof doors
  • Wiring: PC board mounted terminal block connections
  • Made more secure, lock body adopts two screws on each side